Why are many people so quick to think there is no treatment for aggressive kids?

This is the link.

Ok so I get what that girl (who must now be 14) at the time did was terrible but even she needs help. I don't think anyone at age 11 is a lost case. To call a child already a monster and say ''beat her'', ''make sure she never gets out'' that's too much. She needs help and with enough treatment, they can change for the better.

I don't think kids are ever too old or damaged to be rehabilitated when they're not even teens.
need the comment and you'll see what I'm talking... they are already putting that girl as a lost case with no hope of rehabilitation.


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  • Giving drugs to a minor is a criminal offense.

    • It is and what a child like her needs is therapy and lots of guide.

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    • Medical marijuana is an actual thing and it does work much better than medication. It comes in many different forms like pills and tablets. But it pretty much foxes anger problems and stress without screwing over the person

    • " as calm as a cucumber " Turning her into a vegetable describes a narcotic.

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  • sounds like she needs to go to therapy. You should never say beat a kid or never let them go out.

    • I agree. I don't know what's wrong with those people on the comments. To already call a kid a lost case, it's someone negative.

    • yeah, that kid is way to young to be a lost cause. therapy would help they child so much and would correct that bad behavior

  • She just needs some medical marijuana and she will be as calm as a cucumber

  • People are all on the treatment and forgiveness bandwagon. If you went to a really rough school in a really rough area, you'd know that people making excuses for baby assholes is part of the problem. The treatment should be boot camp or euthanasia. Some people are just born shit heads.

    • I think she will get better if someone actually takes the time to help her rather than be all negative. She was 11 then, that's an age where you're not a teen yet. I don't agree with the comment on others already labeling her a killer in the making, evil, psychopath. That's still a kid that was probably struggling with issues.

    • " boot camp or euthanasia"

      No wonder you're posting this stupidity anonymously.

    • @Asker my comment is true of the majority of violent dickheads I've come across, of course I wasn't serious about euthanasia, but some people are basic of mind so they have to take things literally...

      @jacquesvol it's just smart to post anonymously when there's so many idealistic and unrealistic liberals around such as yourself. I've seen you post as yourself and go anon when you received a downvote, so you're a hypocritical joke as far as I'm concerned.

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