Did obama bring troops home from iraq?

Does anyone remember when obama said he brought troops home from iraq during the 2012 election? Was that true or false? Just curious to see how many people know

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  • This is best answered by someone who was/is serving there. Lay people only know what the media tells them. Not all of it is true. If you want to know whether there are military personnel still serving in Iraq, the answer is yes. The same for Afghanistan.


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  • Yes he did. If you want to find out more about the truth, try and look for an unbias website or book or journal etc. (:

    • Nope it was george bush before he left office. He signed an agreement with iraq to remove troops by December 2011. Its called the status of forces agreement

What Guys Said 3

  • Yes he did, which is why Republicans are saying it's his fault ISIS is causing problems. People are saying if he didn't leave Iraq then ISIS wouldn't exist.
    The troops are out, but now people want to put them back in.

    • Actually it was george bush who signed an agreement with iraq before he left office to bring them home on December 2011. Its called the status of forces agreement. Obama had nothin to do with it

    • The Republicans and Fox News are the ones complaining about it.

    • Yes thats ironic.

  • He brought them home, and is planning to/has deployed them again

    • Nooe it was actually george bush who signed agreement with iraq before he left office to bring troops home by December 2011. Obama had nothing to do with he just took credit for it

    • Oh right, I thought it was one of his policies.
      I'm not too knowledgeable on American politics so oh well.

    • Its cool most americans dont even know this

  • He was always on the golf course, our Generals brought home the troops.

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