Name your culture and some fun stuff about it?

C'mon teach me awesome stuff.



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  • I'm Swiss. Bad things about Swiss people are:
    - We are super reserved. If you sit on a bus or stand in a line, don't talk to anyone unless you know them or they started talking to you first. If you talk to strangers, they usually look at you in panic, probably thinking something like "No! Don't talk to me! I don't have anything to say! I don't even know you!"
    - Most Swiss people are very conservative. If something new is adopted in Europe (be it something political or just a trend in popular culture), it usually takes 10-20 years until it is also adopted in Switzerland. We tend to be very sceptical of new things (excluding myself here ;-))
    - Everyone considers himself/herself a private sheriff. You live in an apartment block with other people and you've leaned your bike against the wall outside instead of parking it on the designated spot? Or do you share the laundry machine with other people and happen to do laundry on the wrong day? You can be deadly sure that a neighbor will ring your bell and complain about your misdeed.
    - It's extremely hard to make friends. If you're able to make friends in Switzerland, you can make them anywhere in the world.
    - People love rules in general

    But there are also a lot of good things:
    - Because we are a very small country, we tend to be very well informed about the world. So, for example, German people don't know anything about Swiss politics, but I know quite a lot about German or Austrian, or of course also US politics.
    - Because we live in a small country with 4 official languages, most Swiss people are at least bilingual and generally accommodating when they talk to foreigners (they would automatically switch to the foreigner's language if they know it)
    - We are super trustworthy. Did you drop your wallet with 1,000 bucks in it in the middle of the street? You can go back there an hour later it will still be lying at the exact same spot. If not, somebody brought it to the next lost and found.
    - Because we love being punctual and sticking to rules, everything runs very smoothly. Trains rarely have more delay than 2 minutes.
    - We love nature and do a lot of sports activities outside (also have beautiful nature to do it in)
    - We are very animal friendly. Animal rights are some of the best in the world.

    Ok, I admit this was more mentality than culture. So one very cultural aspect that I like is our food. It's not very divers but it's very tasty and especially cool to eat on cold winter nights (e. g. Fondue, Raclette)

    • Oh wow. Thanks for the list!

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    • Well, if he was an exchange student then he was probably pretty open-minded already, otherwise he wouldn't have chosen to live abroad (I've done it myself, it takes a lot of guts) :-). I didn't mean that everyone is like that. I'm also not a reserved person myself, partially because my dad is Greek. So not all people are like that but it's a general trend. Also, the environment makes a big difference of course. When I lived in the US, I was more outgoing and talkative than in Switzerland because everyone else was like that too. That's something I really enjoy about Americans. You can just chat to someone on the street and they don't find it uncomfortable.

    • Most info wins my love <3

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  • American. The Second Amendment!

  • My culture revolves around appearance how much money you have. It's fantastic...

  • Asian moon cakes 😊
    European music 😌

  • Amish. Until several years ago.

    • What happened several years ago?

    • I got to thuggy for a horse and buggy.

    • lol.

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