How do I know if an organization is a scam?

I really wanted to help the poor, so I emailed an organization, telling them about myself and how I want to be part of their group and help them. They responded, telling me that they would like me to be the co-ordinator and representative of that organization in Canada. I was pretty surprised that just by my one email telling them about me, they suddenly want me to be the co-ordinator and representative. But I didn't make a big deal of it because I didn't realize that they could be a scam. I told a few friends and I told my sister. I showed her the website, and she said it looks like a scam, espacially since they want me to be the co-ordinator when I didn't even send in a resume or anything. I basically told them how im 19, live in Canada, and going to an art school but in much longer paragraphs. The website is called SAVE The Poor International. Please check it out and let me know what you think

do you think it's a scam? I easily trust people so that's why it's hard for me to figure out what to do.. I haven't responded them after what my sister told me

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They sent the same email respond like 3 times now. Should I just respond, telling them that I suspect that they're scamming me or would that be weird?


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  • In a quick search I found nothing speaking against it.
    I quote:

    Save the Poor International (SPI)
    (Unverified non-profit organisation)

    Save the Poor International (SPI) is a Ghanaian NGO that focuses its activities on health, education, the welfare of orphans, street children and persons with disabilities. The organisation also organizes voluntary programmes, international youth exchange programmes, information technology and community computer literacy projects and rural development projects. The organisation would like to partner with shipping companies who can help to transport containers to Africa.

    • but isn't it strange that they want me to be the co-ordinator and representative of that group in canada? It seems like a big deal, and they immediately gave me that opportunity without even asking for a resume or anything

    • I'd expect such an organisation to work in Africa, rather than in Canada but in Canada there's still a lot of work to do helping Inuits ao natives.

    • the organizer director is from africa though he wants me to represent the organization in Canada. But I agree. There's still a lot we need to work in Canada as well!

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  • They have a number of websites and even a facebook page. I checked out "CG057702013 from Registrar General’s Department" and it's the tax agency number from Mauritian they only register tax information "without prejudice" so their is no official governments approval. Most non-profits are volunteer based and if they don't have a strong Canadian support they may want to actively recruit in your area, so that might be lagit. I would suggest contacting the government agency that issued the licence for more info. I'll include the link.
    But their is nothing to indicate a scam, but their is nothing to assume that they are legit as well.

  • Lol the only one till now who think it is not? XD
    Since you can not consult a person of experience within that organization it is hard to make sure.
    I think you should see the end of this as you are passionate about their cause. Consider it a volunteer job for now :
    - You could clarify to them that you are accepting to provide you free time and effort but never any financial expenses.
    - Provide information and effort for them while also ASKING what they want to do in every step.
    - Always be careful and never put your money or anyone else money AND/OR personal critical information (Where you live, your accounts , what products you use...)
    - Try to consult with an expert in local law regulations.

  • They aren't asking you for money. A scam would want to get your money some how. If you aren't giving them money or if they're not asking for it then it might not be a scam.

    But to be on the safe side just say no. There are plenty of other organizations that help the poor. You don't need that one.

  • Gibbs rule #36. If you feel like you're being played, you probably are. [S9E1]
    It sounds like it wouldn't end well if you did go, so play it safe.


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  • The organization is donate to some I can ask to see their books and they'll show me. But that's a local one and I'm not sure f they'll do that for you.
    Others I especially try to look up scandals surrounding. How much profit goes to the needy instead of the owner. Events that they've done (that aren't on their website but on other sources). And I try to look for others who have donated to them.
    But yours sounds like a scam

  • Keep contacting them but stop right away when they start asking for either your credit card or try telling you about a free trial, club savings, etc. If they ask any of that then it's a scam.

  • Its based in Ghana. I couldn't find any scam sites for it though. I think its fake.

    • are there a lot of scams from Ghana? I don't usually get involved in organizations so I don't know

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    • I tried but I'm horrible at this

    • "Scammers often use female profiles as well to fool their potential victim. Again, they pretend to be a woman from a Western country while all the while being based in Nigeria. They then solicit you for money for a charity they run in Nigeria or Ghana. In all likelihood there is no charity and you have been robbed off your money by a scammer."

  • I think it's a scam. If they sent you the exact same email response 3 times, it's probably a scam.

    • yea, that's what I'm thinking, but maybe they weren't sure if I received the email?

    • If it was real, they would have at least called you or asked you to go to their office for an interview by now, instead of just sending you emails.