Do you think Mexicans and Italians have a lot in common with each other?

Think about it, both of their cultures are very family-oriented. Both are assertive people. Both speak a Latin/Romance languange. Both are predominantly Catholic. Both were treated horribly as immigrants (Italians in the 17th-19th century, Mexicans in the modern day) in the United States of America.

Bonus Question: Have you ever met someone who was Half-Mexican, Half-Italian?

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  • I am Mexican and Italian

    But i notice many cultural differences, and many similarities
    The Mexican culture and Italian culture are similar
    The big differences come with music, fashion and food

    My Italian family is surprisingly not so catholic and neither is my moms

    All immigrants face prejudice and resistance

    Also mexican culture has many influences from the indigenous people, italy really doesn't have that

    • True but the vast majority of Mexicans still have Mediterranean European blood in them from the Spaniards and Italians fall under as Mediterranean Europeans.

    • In fact, I once met a Mexican guy who was constantly mistakened for an Italian because of how light complected his skin color is. He doesn't have the typical Indigenous looks that that Mexican people are stereotypically portrayed as by the media.

    • I agree with that haha
      All my ancestors are Spanish, i dont really have any connection to the indigenous
      But i do agree the cultures are very similar
      Many of the same values

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What Girls Said 3

  • Never ever thought about it

  • there is such a user on here :)
    ... it's not me though

    • A user who's Half Mexican, Half-Italian?

    • Yes.
      Hypno-trip called it out.
      PiuBelloAmante, i believe

      and to answer your main question, yes, the cultures are similar

  • No, not really.


What Guys Said 3

  • Well yeah, they're both foreigners

  • Try telling a Mexican or an Italian this. Have fun doing so, too.

    Mexicans are only slightly comparable to Italians because of Spain, and even then the Romance Language Group is the only thing shared. Mexican culture is completely different from Italian culture, from cuisine to beliefs to mannerisms.

    Realistically if you're going to go based on general ideals, every culture is comparable to one another.

  • @PueBelloAmante is this you? lol!

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