If your significant other wanted to go to live on a colony on the Moon, would you go with them?

So the Japanese government has recently injected a lot of money into JAXA, it's space program, to fund a major project that could potentially put man on our moon permanently. It'd be a while (like a decade or two), but it seems like it will happen eventually. Assuming that the US and NASA would be involved at some point in this historic leap, Americans might have a chance as well at being some of the first people sent to live on the moon. If your significant other were selected to go, and you had the option of going with, would you go with him or her to the moon? The trip wouldn't necessarily be a one way deal, but it'd be a while (like, at least a couple of years, maybe more) before you could go back.

  • I would follow them to the ends of the universe!
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  • Send me up regardless of whether or not I have a significant other!
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  • I'd be thinking about it.


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  • Voted D
    I wanna enjoy moon travel alone! :P


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  • Hahahaha! No way

  • What would you do for food, water, shelter, entertainment etc

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