Women of gag, this guy no matter how much he gets rejected, has never become bitter, stays extremely positive no matter what & beats himself up for?

His own failures and solely blames himself all the time everytime. He's in his 40's and has never had a gf/ or kissed a woman. He takes care of himself, isn't socially awkward has listened to dating advice and executed that advice well and always upbeat and has good self esteem , convinced himself to be 100% unfazed by constant rejection despite never being able to get a date to save his life He also never goes after one specific type of woman, he goes after all kinds of women. What do you think of guy like this and should every guy in his situation be like this? If so why?

He also isn't shy either.
I guess this question is scary lol.


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  • I find this incredibly hard to believe. There is likely underlying issues that is driving women away. It's impossible if everything said is really true.

    • Just because you yourself haven't witnessed something first hand doesn't mean its impossible.

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    • Just like those who claim that "there's someone out there for everybody?" I've heard that line plenty of times. Its like no one wants to admit that there could possibly be guys out there that won't attract any women no matter what they do.

    • I really do believe there is someone out there for everybody. There are billions of people on this planet. Too many people fall in love, have partners or gets married for me to believe that there's people actually doomed to be alone forever. Heck even some of my dad's friends in their 50's find partners again after getting divorced and they're not exactly attractive men with much to offer.

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  • How can you stay positive if you beat yourself up. Learn from your mistakes and expect women will want you. Look for signs of interest and be yourself as best you can.

    • Because that's expected of guys who can't get a date to save their life... to beat themselves up for it.

    • When you talk to women listen to youself. Is that who you really are? If not, change. When you talk to a potential girlfriend, imagine she is your girlfriend and ask yourself, what kind of relationship would that be with her. Know that your wish is something possible and you're worthy.

    • ok sure

  • There is some problem like maybe he is gay or something or confused?

    Is not possible for a guy like that to end up alone... Hell even shy guys get a girlfriend... LOL

    • You should imply that's your own opinion doesn't make it actual facts that can be proven.

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