Am I wrong for not wanting to stay?

My cousin is going into labor and I Am up at the hospital with her. I told her that I would have to leave in a little because I had to be at work. She asked me to call off because she doesn't want to be alone. I don't want to call off and sit in a hospital room all day, especially since it's losing money for me not her. She has 5 kids so it's not really a big thing to sit and wait for the 6th. Am I being selfish for not wanting to stay?


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  • Labor can be a scary time for anyone and some woman may just not want to be on their own. Maybe try explaining to her that you cannot afford to take the time off and see if there is a friend or the dad that will come in with her instead.

    • A lot of her friends are popping up, forcing to stay in the waitin room long periods of times. It's kind of annoying. She wants me to call off work to stay but yet while all her friends are taking turns to sit with her just to visit, I'm in the waiting room.

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  • yeah a little... she is scared / bored/ lonely. is there someone else you could call to sit with her? That way you can say 'I have to go but so and so will be here soon for you!'

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