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A bit after my 16th birthday I started having these ridiculous flashbacks. Like when I am cleaning potatoes or just sitting in a certain way. I'd get aroudnd 20 flashbacks a day, of course that isn't normal and it bothered me a lot, since my mind was in constant confusion. I also noticed that recently I have been getting these weird 1-2 second visions. Like today, I was riding on my bike to school and out of nowhere I saw a big baby pink/yellow room in front of me with nothing in it. I almost fell off my bike, I had lost my concentration. I don't know how to explain it but can you imagine your mind disconnecting with this world and seeing a new place. My parents also noticed that lately I'm always tired and want to sleep, I was such an energetic girl when I was younger. Now all I want is to sleep, sleep and sleep. I also have like these series-dreams. Like they continue where I left of the day before. Since I was little, I could always describe my dream in details when I woke up. And even weeks after that. It's as if I'm there, I feel everything in my dream. I can't tell the difference between dreams and reality. When I was around 12 ( I don't remember correctly) I woke up with a red scraped bleading nose. When I was sixteen I felt tingly in whole my body. My mom even noticed, she was like "Wow your eyes look all sparkly" and my body was like really warm from the inside. One day I woke up with my hair was wet. And today I woke up with little scars on my left cheek. And weirdest of all is that I ALWAYS see this boy in my dreams, never see his face and don't know how old he is, but he is always in every dream, sometimes just sitting in a corner behind this old castle. But it's a positive vibe that I get from him. I somehow feel like we are connected somehow, don't know it's this inner feeling. I always catch few images, and I searched it up.. and all of them are almost in Ireland. When I trun 18 this year, I want to go there and see if it gets worse or better. Maybe I have to be there I don't know. I'm not crazy! I know it doesn't sound pretty convincing to you, but I swear it's not less weirder for me. Does anyone know what this might mean, or what I'm going through. My mind is always wandering to that place.


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  • I feel like I'm almost in the same situation as you, difference is, I cannot remember what the dream is about. I'd forget it the moment I'm awake. I won't get flashbacks, but a few times I have had visions. The series dream is the worse part. I can't even recall any of the details once I woke up. How did you search it up? I have a feeling that it has something to do with that place in your dream. Gosh I feel like I'm going crazy sometimes. I'm tired and I want to sleep, but I'm afraid of the dreams I'd get, sometimes I'd get nightmare. But if I woke up and continue sleeping back, its like I'm reconnected to it back again. Am I crazy or what.

    • I'm sorry, it must suck! Oh but I'm really glad now I can talk to someone about this stuff. And it's really lame but I searched 'castle green' on google haha and searched through the pictures, found it and clicked on it to see the name and then I searched the name on Wikipedia and other sites :)
      You too huh? Do you also get tired in daytime? What are your dreams about?

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    • Hmm, well it may sound stupid, but could it be that you're staying up late and mayby that's why you feel tired the next day? Sure! I'll send you a pm

    • I've tried sleeping early and woke up in the afternoon the next day. Still sleepy and tired

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  • Have you ever had a cat scan done? Your brain is wired a little defferently, you may have special gift of insight too, kind of reminds me of that movie "Next" or "Flash Forward "

    • A what test? No, I haven't, but I might now. Haven't seen that movie, I'm going to watch it. (And thanks for taking me seriously, I appreciate it a lot)

    • No problem, I'm curious what you find out and think of those movies, "Flash Forward " is a long TV series though. maybe you can get back to me about it some day

  • Those flashbacks happened to many 1000+ times when I was 12-14. It's your imaginary world in your brain or something's not right here...

    • It's a day dreaming... Or you may have a future vision or past life's memories...

    • I dreamed that my girlfriend cut her finger, I went to her house and saw her finger is really cut!!! I ready didn't understand that it was a dream or what? Nobody knows about it...

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