I'm not satanic but I want to know something about hell okay so in hell are girls burned in hell just like guys what happens to girls?

is it the same with guys are they burned alive tortured like the boys or is it something different like i said i am not satanic i am a christian

from what I heard girls are slaves in hells that different things happens to them but ' not sure that's why I want to know from you if they are treated different different things happen to the
Kenzy-Yinn its something someone told me about and they wanted to know so I said I would ask people


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  • It's said what happens to you here on earth happens to you in hell, only a million times worse. Like, if you had your head chopped off on earth, it will be chopped off again and again in Hell, and it never stops. It will keep on happening again and again foreverrr.


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  • There is no such place as hell. The concept is part of the carrot and stick persuasiveness of the Christian church in times long past to stop people from straying. It does not apply in the 21st century. As long as people of any religion are true to their beliefs, then there is no need to have a hell.

  • 1. Having a doubt and asking doesn't make you Satanic or anything similar
    2. For a fact no one knows what happens in a heaven or hell
    3. Fact is none of us have seen it, all we know is from what we read
    4. Heaven is projected as something pleasurable as appeals to the human mind while hell is projected as a torture
    5. I won't question or debate something I don't know or haven't realized or am not aware of so I don't deny existence of such places but however, I won't spend my life worrying about things that are in distant future thus bringing hell into my existing god given life :)
    6. Answering your question, I'm sure the description of hell for women will be something that women fear :)

  • no one fucking knows hahaa.

    • you don't have to be so rude

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    • since you asked, I will oblige and stop swearing in this post :) but yeah I curse a lot so don't take it personally if you see me in another post :D

    • thank you

  • In The Name Of God

    Allow me to educate you on true religion. You have never been taught religion correctly in your churches and in your schools because if you only knew, society would change and those in power would be toppled overnight. Read closely and follow, I will do my best to give you light and wisdom as to heaven and hell, but I must take you back to the beginning...
    What you choose to believe in the face of the truth is entirely your choice.

    Let us begin...

    **Adam and Eve**

    Did you know Eve is also Adam?


    Did you know that the origins of the word ATOM is ADAM?


    Did you know that most people get lost in stories and forget to extract the science in the meaning?


    In The Qur'an.. Male and Female were created from a single essence. ADAM


    In Greek Mythology, there was a monstrous creature... A creature so powerful that the Gods themselves had to split the beast in half, both sides destined to seek each other out until the end of time...


    In any case, every physicist knows that when you split an ATOM you create a Nuclear Explosion.

    *This Nuclear Explosion creates Energy and Light*

    Stay with me..

    For when you split from this status, may a nuclear explosion begin to happen in you...


    'Go forth and multiply' was the commandment given to us to maintain life in you...

    But what did we do with it?

    We took it for sex... We took it for pro creation not productivity, most like me are producing for another mans goals.. But unlike me many around me sold their own self productivity for a monthly salary and wonder why they don't sleep easy at night...

    **It Is Our Earth That Clouds Our Heaven**

    Earth, Heaven, Hell, Earth, Heaven, Hell,
    Earth Heaven and Hell...

    We know what they are, but do we realise where they are?

    I was led to believe Heaven is a place you go to after you die if you were good..
    Hell if you were bad...
    And the earth is the land we live on and live in whilst we go through trials that determine where we go after death.


    This is where we split brothers and sisters...

    Tell me,

    If you were walking down a path.. and I stuck my leg out and tripped you, you would fall to the... Earth... Right?

    In the bible Eve was in the Garden and she ate the apple.. As she ate the apple, she fell...


    As she fell.. She began to feel shame, the cold and covered herself up.

    She began to notice these formless things we call emotions and feelings.

    • As she fell.. She began to feel shame, the cold and covered herself up.

      She began to notice these formless things we call emotions and feelings.

      In the Qur'an, Iblis (Satan) disobeyed God.. When God asked him why? Iblis confessed to experiencing conceited emotions, vanity and hate.


      He was then cast out of heaven and fell to EARTH.

      In The Qur'an God fashioned Adam out of black mud from the EARTH then breathed his spirit into Adam. The spirit of Life... The spirit of Heaven...

      In the beginning God created the Heavens and the Earth and the earth was void and without form and God said.. 'LET THEIR BE LIGHT'

      Romans 8:13, ' For if you live according to the flesh (your Earth), you shall die, but if you, by your spirit (Heaven) put to death the deeds of the body, you shall live'

      Every Jewish person knows that it is not ridding yourself of the foreskin nor is It speaking Hebrew that makes you Jewish, it is the circumcision of the heart.

      Splitting yourself.

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    • The body sends very compelling signals to the brain to fill our insides with smoke.. which disrupts the oxygen outlet to the brain or drink that impairs your memory and stops you being able to accurately recall memories that would warn you away from certain actions..

      Both slow your reaction time and offset your balance..

      Once your Heaven is under this amount of confusion it must focus its energy on regulating internal functions, allowing your EARTH to resume complete control and access to it's own enjoyment.

      All the while you're thinking you're in control, have you heard how silly a smoker sounds rationalising smoker?

      'Well, we don't live forever..'

      'I smoke with a filter, it's better'

      But inside you're promising yourself you'll quit soon.. While your earths laughing at you.

      **It Is Our Earth That Clouds Our Heaven**

    • So.. My challenge
      Would you put to death the deeds of the body? Would you split yourself from that which eats away at you, in order to create light and energy that breathes new life into you?

      Would you take that step...

      ... Right.

  • How did you start wondering about that though?
    I think everyone in hell burns for eternity?

    • one of my friends actually wanted to know so I said I would ask people

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    • really...

    • Something wrong?

  • Hell doesn't actually exist, if you want to ask a Christian about this, ask a Jehovah's Witness. They'll tell you how hell doesn't actually exist. And really, would a God that is claimed to be tolerant and unconditionally loving create something that tortures you for all eternity? The concept is odd.

  • Yes, probably raped too.

  • You're really convincing on the not being satanic thing.

  • What the fuck are you talking about? Our family doesn't treat girls like that...

  • i hate to burst your bubble but.. hell doesn't actually exist

    • if heaven exists then hell exists too God had a son or two and one of them is the devil and made so there is a hell and heaven

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    • i am being very serious why are you being so disrespectful about my beliefs?

    • I am not being disrespect you are being very rude to me im blocking u

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  • HAH. Christians say: We are all the same under the eyes of God. (But im totally an atheist) So technically, yes. Because God sees no gender.