Do you think this is lame for someone to send after I sent them a thank you note for an interview?

He told me it would take two to three weeks to select people, yet he rejects me right after I send it. I spent considerable time and money to go to this interview and if he was serious about me he would think more carefully. I thought it went okay. :/

He said "thanks for coming in. It was great to meet you. I think we'll not offer you a position but I know you'll make a great contribution wherever you go.

Best of luck and thanks again for your time."

Makes me feel stupid...


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  • Wow...:(

    That sucks but rejection is a part of life.


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  • That is lame.


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  • It is a polite form letter that does not leave im open to liability. Look elsewhere.

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    • send me an in site message

    • I sent you a message with my email