What do you think of people like this at work?

A while back I had someone in charge ask me so last week on the 6th why didn't you call or show up to work. I said first of all if it was a problem it would have been addressed sooner than a week later. The problem was I woke at 8:30am and called work until 9am and each time I got through the call droped. Before that i called the person who was going to tke me to work and told them that I was too sick too go to work. Then people were working on the transformer by my house so I had no power to use my home phone then by the time they got done it was an hour after I was suppose to be to work. He said people have cell phones and I said mine was in my girlfriend's car. He says that I should have gotten it out of her car. I told him she was at work and I do not have a vehicle. Then he says that I should have gone to a neighbor to ask to use their phone and I said my neighbors were not home. He tells me I should have tried each house then until I got someone and I said that is ridiculous to talk to someone for the first time and ask for a favor because they might think that the only time I wll talk to them is when I want something. Then he said I should have gone to a place of business and asked to use their phone. I said they would not let someone use a phone to call into work so why even try. Then I told him it norma;y would take an hour to walk to work from home and knowing how much I was throwing up and craping why would I want to walk to work just to tell someone i was too sick to work. By the time I would have made it to work it would have been and hour or more ater the time I was scheduled to start so it would have been pointless. I still got in trouble anyways and had to sign a shirt about a no call no show and it was to be kept on file for 6 months because what I told them they did not believe me. or think it was a good nough reason for not calling in or showing up to work to let them know I was too sick. I do not remember what it really said but I thought it was stupid that I had to sign it still.

He did not think what I told him was not a good enough excuse for not showing up to let someone know I was sick or calling in to let someone know. By the way I was up almost all of the night before crapping and then tht morning I was vomiting and was still crapping a lot.


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  • if i was u i'd tell em 2 mind their business... is this possible?

    • Some of the people who are in charge just do not listen unless you are like buddy buddy with them at work