I know this girl who has car problems but i'm shy to approach her. I have a crush on her, what should I do?

There is this girl who lives a couple houses down from me. I don't know her well but she talks to me sometimes sionce we go to the same college. She has a old kia and at times i notice it won't start and see her get frustrated at times which is a bit funny too. I have no clue why she didn't get it fixed yet but i think i can offer advice. I'm really shy and don't know if would accept it or not. She good looking too but i want to get to know her more. What can i do?


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  • Walk up to her when her car isn't starting and offer some friendly advice. Start a conversation off of that.

    • This. If you can present yourself as just a casual helper then she won't think you're doing it just to get close to her.

    • i guess i can do that, yeah.

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  • Try to give it your best and help
    the gesture is what counts, tell her beforehand that it might not help at all