What is the name of the song in the first part of this video?

The song goes on from 0:01-2:54 into the video. I want to know the name of the song, preferably the name of the artist (s) involved in the song. The first person to tell me the name AND artists of the song (and it's correct) will automatically get MHO! If you can't think of the name OR the artist but you know one or the other, you might still get MHO!

Also, I KNOW about the song in the latter part of the video (from 3:00-5:19), you don't have to tell me that one. That song is "Right Above It" by little Wayen featuring Drake. I'm talking specifically and ONLY about the first song.

@BlueBrainz You were the only person to tell me the correct title of that song.


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  • u can use shazam i believe

  • Oh its darude- sandstorm.
    I am sure.

    • Actually, it is "300 Violin Orchestra" by miscellaneous musicians. Someone already gave me the answer, sorry.