How do I get over this?

So I have OCD,
This girl I don't like ( I dont like a lot of the kids at my school, a lot of them are annoying, obnoxious and disrespectful to teachers -im glad i'm moving - so I dont like making contact with them or letting them touch my stuff nor do I like if something special to me gets exposed to them cause I feel like i'll do bad in school or like the thing won't be special any more).

So this girl I hate. She likes hockey. She can't play it. She only watches it during the olympics but it's enough for me to OCD over. I feel like it's not 'my sport'. A lot of people i dislike, like soccer, so hockey was really special to me. I love the sport. I love playing it and watching it but now that i'm ocding over this, I can't feel that way anymore even though I want to.

I've been OCDing over this for a week and now my head hurts and I think of her when I look or think of something hockey related like Tim horton's, my hockey equipment or the Canadian flag for that matter. Even thinking about winter makes me head hurt. I dont want to feel like this anymore. My head hurts so much and I'm scared that whenever i'll look at something hockey related, my head is going to hurt like this. Of course, I'm going to continue watching hockey, even if it means having to endure migranes but I'm better off feeling the "love" I had for thiis sport rather than a massive headache.

I reallly want this to stop. What do I do? I can't go see the therapist cause my school was on strike and I just got off so we're like squishing multiple lessons in a day. And I can't just "push" the thought away. There's a reason why it's called OCD, it's because i can't do that. Please. PLEASE help ! :(


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  • guess it'd b better 2 ignore evryone who makes u feel bad... no?


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