List 3 negative and 3 positive things about today?


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  • Positives: :)
    1) My school had a picnic for the last day of school and my friends and I were having water bottle fights and talking and laughing the whole day through.
    2) My mind wasn't focused on things that were upsetting me throughout the week and for the most part, I was really happy for the day.
    3) I was feeling a little scared that my best friend was drifting from me, but I'm a little less so because she was acting normal today.

    Negatives: :(
    1) It was really hot today and I was sweating like a pig along with my hair getting totally killed by the humidity.
    2) I barely talked to my best friend (guy bestie) and I’ve been missing him a lot. :( We did talk some, but it was sort of awkward. Our relationship is strong, but it’s going through a rough patch right now and I’m having a hard time dealing with that.
    3) For a while I succeeded in ignoring the guy I am head over heels for (he likes me too, but he’s got a girlfriend), but that plan failed as soon as he said hi. He does this thing where when he sees me he won’t say hi, but will basically wait for me to. Well, this time I didn’t say hi. I didn’t plan for him to either, but I guess he realized I wasn’t going to play his little game and he came to me first. Now I’m back to square one with liking him.

    My positives and negatives are kind of equal, but because of the third negative, I think it outweighs the positives. :/


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  • Positive:
    I reached 4XPer
    I got my homework done
    I found new songs

    A guy found my advise rubbish because of my age, even though he wasn't even the asker

    A question made me remind my grandfather who passed away

    I'm jealous of the people who already watched JurassicWorld

  • 1) I smell.
    2) I'm a bit of a wanker.
    3) I can't pronounce the word "charade" without sounding like Simon Cowell.


What Girls Said 8

    I looked a bit better than usual
    I ate some watermelon
    I had a fun time with my family, relatives, friends

    My phone died when I needed him the most
    3 hour car ride
    I was REALLY bored at times

  • Negative
    1. @yourfutureex is mad at me
    2. I had to wake up very early
    3. Legs still sore from my workout on Tuesday!

    1. Got to see my best friend who I've been missing terribly
    2. Girls night with my most awesome daughter
    3. Gorgeous sunshine, clean house and ice cream!

  • - Last day off work until Tuesday
    - I haven't done much today
    - I spent too much money today

    - PAYDAY
    - Saw Jurassic World
    - Didn't have to work

  • - today was prom and my hair looked awful
    - I didn't go to the after-show-party because the "stalker" appeared lol
    - the food wasn't that good

    + My make-up looked good (sorry😁)
    + I laughed a lot
    + I managed to walk on heels

  • Positve
    - it's Friday
    - I feel pretty today
    - I'm not sick anymore

    -I'm fucking mad right now
    - hash tags
    - I want to go home NOW

  • Positive: Going to See Jurassic World
    Positive: Exercised & I'm Feeling Good
    Positive: Mom bought me a Milky Way!
    Negative: Jurassic World May be Sold Out
    Negative: This Milky Way! Calories?
    Negative: Gotta Go Wash Dishes Now

  • Negative
    My feet are cold
    I have to do laundry
    I can't take make out

    My socks are dry
    The sun is shining
    I got to eat French toast

  • The negative are I got into a disagreement with a friend, My paycheck was messed up, I had a flat. The positive are I was off today, I talked to my dad, and I woke up this morning.