Whats up with my neighbor?

i came home and saw my neighbor at my doorstep trying to look inside, when he saw me he nervously walked away. wtf?


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  • Other than the obvious of being creepy. curious or will the intent to break-in or murder/rape you.
    It could be just a simple misunderstanding as he was trying to knock the door you didn't answer so he tried to peek, and when you showed up he was so damn confused to even explain.

    • What this guy said. Don't assume he's a creep yet. You should ask him. Maybe he hasn't seen you in a while and wanted to make sure you were not dead on your carpet and found it too difficult to explain knowing how it looked so he just shied away...

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  • Here is what you should do, start messing with him

    Move suspicious items in and out of you place.

    Only take out your trash after "everyone" is in.

    If you can, arrange pillows in a set of trash bags to make it look like a corpse and carry it into your place when you know he's watching.

    Start using power tools. and avoid looking him in the eye.

    Put some empty cans of clorox/bleach somewhere he can see it, and maybe smear some red paints on them.

  • That dudes creeping. I would check outside the window when you taking a shower. He might be there trying to get a peek.

  • Burglar maybe?


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