If you were to be a WWE/WWF wrestler, who would you be?

I woiuld either be The Undertaker as a Heel (Ministry of Darkness gimmick) - "I hate everyone and I hate everything!"

Triple H as a Heel (from 2000-2001, mid 2002-mid 2006) - "I have no remorse, I have no conscience and I will stop at nothing!"


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  • Triple H I would be married to Stephanie McMahon, and a CEO of the most successful businesses of the world.

    • I could careless for his Authority gimmick. It's boring and today's era of pro wrestling (particularly the WWE) has gotten dull.

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    • That's all well and good for TNA, but what about their young talent? Aren't the attitude era guys getting old?

    • I wouldn't know I don't watch it often.

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  • STONECOLD ! STONECOLD! STONECOLD... I would love to beat up my boss and then still have enough money to take beer showers.

  • I second The Undertaker.

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