What are some good meals for dinner?

I need some more ideas on dinner meals im all out. I cook really well so anything you have? Simple Or complicated.
I know this isn't a cooking site but I know some people have to have some good dinner meal ideas!
I'm feeding a family of three but if you have ideas for single meals I'd like to hear!

HOME COOKED meals please. I don't really like boxed meals.


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  • How many people will attend dinner?

    A simple pasta would be OK but not grand :/

    • Just dinner for me and my bro and sometimes my mUm.

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    • Yess I love when dessertis presented in clear glasses even wine glasses look amazing. Thats a great idea!

    • The adult version is to coat the wine glass with a small amount of wine, enjoy, my friend she loves. It

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  • Some simple options would be spaghetti or any form of pasta, tacos, steak and mashed potatoes, chicken and rice, etc...

  • Baked salmon, mixed veggies and rice
    Baked BBQ chicken, bean casserole with rice.