How to upload gifs on photobucket?

This is a real struggle! I can never find a picture uploader cite that will work with Gifs! I have seen other people use photobucket so i uploaded them from my photo album & I don't think it has worked :( so what am I doing wrong?

Lets see if one works...

Noooo it didn't! 😭
See on this one you can see the gif but it actually doesn't "play." It works if i send it over iMessage but that's it.


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  • Not available...

    • I know. It's not working! That's the whole point of this question lol

    • This one in updates... it says u removed it

  • Dafuq? Don't use photo bucket just use imgur

    • I tried that & i couldn't get that to work! That's why I went to photobucket!

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