This girl for one year straight keeps teasing/making fun of me and I had enough and I pushed her. Was I kinda wrong in doing so? (please read)?

For 1 year now this girl was constanly making fun of me and saying how i suck at everything and i can't do anything and how my life sucks, etc... Funny thing is, after she wants to be with me to hangout. So 2 days ago i had enough of this, and she said something about how i can't find a job and kept poking me, so i told her to please sstop, she didn't and i got mad and basically pushed her off the couch and told her to f*ck off and (what your about to read is a lie but i said it to make her feel like i did, she is actually very beautiful) basically said how ugly she looks and how i'm emabrrsed to be with her. I just couldn't take it after a year of this, my self-esteem went down cause of her. So basically she started to cry and i told her "now you know how i felt for a year".

She did apologize to me like 5 times and i said sorry for pushing her and told her she is nowhere near ugly and very gorgous. We are both ok now and she said she is willing to listen to me on how i felt. So after when i pushed her one of her friends texted me and i guess hinted to me she liked me a lot cause i thought the teasing was to purposly make fun of me, but it was to apprently flirt with me.

I do feel i was wrong in doing this but 4 of friends said it was good i did it, cause she hurt my feelings. When i see her tomorrow, should i get her flowers or something? i do have feeling now for this girl no matter how crazy this sounds.


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  • This sounds like the issue was bad communication on her part and non communication on yours. Give her a chance, it was apparently meant in good nature so you simply misread it and she didn't give you much of a reason to believe it wasn't meant to hurt you. Talk to her work out your diffrences then take it from there, a clean slate if you will. If her attitude changes then you know she didn't mean it. If it doesn't change then you know that you gave her a chance and she blew it. So go for it but make it clear how you feel so that she has some kind of indicator of how her behavior is effecting you say she can have a reasonable chance to change it.


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  • Maybe getting physical was wrong, but I sounds like she wasn't heard that bad. Really you'd had enough of her behaviour and she should have known you would get mad. I don't think you're in the wrong here, we all have emotions.

    Also, I have three things to say to you: ASK HER OUT!

    She obviously likes you, but just didn't know how to go about getting your attention. It's not often you have a pretty girl go after guy. I think you can put this incident behind you and move on now that her real feelings have emerged.

    PS: Flowers sounds like a good idea, but don't do it in public (say at school) cause that might be a bit awkward, do it in private. The flowers say 3 things. I'm sorry, I like you, wanna go out?
    Good luck, let us now how it goes.

  • Well, she WAS being a bitch towards you. And it's not like you punched her in the face. Since you two are good now, there's nothing to worry about.

    • alright, thanks for commenting.

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