Making a large amount of money quickly?


I have a wishlist of about £20,000. So I'm looking for ways of making this money in sort of 2/3 years, bare in mind paying expenses.
I'm NOT after one big money grabbing idea although if you have one great, but also the numerous ideas that could all work together.

I don't want innapropriate things, or dishonourable things.

And yes I have a job so don't tell me to get a job either.

Look forward to hearing your ideas


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  • I mean no offensive by this, but is there a reason why your current job can't make £20000 after 3 years?
    Regardless, try turning hobbies into ways to make money. Buy valuable items that can be sold at higher prices (For example, buy a trading card game pack and sell the individual cards. This can make a lot of money if done right.)
    Play a video game and/or bot it to sell the ingame currency online for real money.
    Sell things on ebay.
    Teach people anything you can, on fiver (the site) or teach people you know about anything you have qualifications in for a price.
    Yard sale?
    By items on offer and sell them for just under normal price.

    • Because of expenses and with Uni, I sort of just have enough to get by. So I need something with little expense to it and with income so I'm actually gaining something

    • Ah I see, best of luck. Is it possible to leave some of those things on your list until after you've payed off uni and the like, so you don't have to make as much?

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  • what's your qualification?

    • Music, I. T, Grahpics, Visual Effects

    • invest some money in fixed deposits
      your qualification is good enough to fetch you a job with a handsome salary.
      don't quit just yet, but be on a look-out for a better job

      do a side job. provide technical assistance directly, not through your present firm.

      what is your present job like?

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  • A vendor in a venue can clear that in a few weekends. I know in the USA some of the top vendors at state fairs which last a month book over 1-3 million US dollars, but they are the top vendors.

  • There are a few low level high risk startup investments that could yield a decent return.

  • Simple, invest the money and compound it.