Finally got to see Jurassic Park?

The movie was great! But the mishaps... Not so much. Like halfway into the movie, the sound went out. So that expensive ass theatre had to think of ways to avoid giving refunds.

Some idiot in the crowd was like rewind it 20minutes back. So they went back a whole half hour instead. It was ridic having to rewatch the same stuff. So as the movie continued, then the movie was randomly paused. They fixed that and continued. Then the movie blacked out and all we geard was sound. Smh ridic lol.

We finally finished the movie though. It was very predictable. The movie started at 7:20 and shouldve ended like 9:15. We got outta there bou 10:30 lol.


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  • Smh at that theatre - get it together lol

    • At the expensive theatre lol where tickets are $12 and food is $7 each

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  • If you pitched a big enough fit they would have refunded you your money which they should have. At the very least give a free ticket for any future movie there.

    • Lol they shouldve, but I just really wanted to finish the movie. I was willing to watch it without sound, but the blacked out screen and rewinding annoyed me

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    • That's when you respond with "Yeah just like you giving me my money back is going to happen..."

    • Haha I like the way you think.. Well would react lol.. But we were already halfway into the movie. I didn't expect a refund. Then the theatre lights kept flashing on and off like a police siren lol. Everyone was leaving back and forth for the concession stands. people who were waiting outside for the 9:15 showtime (that would be in our 7:20 theatre) had to wait outside til 10:30. Just all a mess. Our theatre is too high for all that. Food is $7 each

  • "ridic"

    Why did you choose to get lazy with that one word out of all that you typed out?


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