If you can't pick just one don't ever answer. Which of these guys have a better chance at dating & getting into relationships and why?

Remember , if your mental capabilities are too limited to pick just one and explain why you picked that one, then don't answer and skip this question because there's plenty of other questions that can be answered.

Guy 1 has money, the looks and has a poor personality.

Guy 2 makes little money, frighfully unattractive, but has a light up the room personality

Guy 3 makes ok money, average looking, but has a narcissist personality.


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  • Guy two...


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  • I think guy one, because many girls are gold diggers and don't care about being treated as shit

    guy two has lot of chances in dating too of course, because there are girls out there who don't care about an empty wallet or looks

    and guy three, let's say someone who brags about something they don't have is the most unattractive thing ever

    I would pick guy two if he wouldn't be so unattractive, I don't care about money but I need average looks.
    and guy 3... if he would only be less cocky!!
    guy 1 is a total douche so forget about him

    So I'm sorry for this but I can't answer XDDDD

    oh dude, so difficult, maybe 3, I would shut his mouth and I'd tell him he's average

  • 2.
    I dont really care much about looks cause i always find a way to look past their looks if they have a good personality. i like guys who are funny and dont care if people call them out for their bad looks or if theyre overweight. personality along with confidence makes a guy attractive to me. sexy too.


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  • You left option four, the oxygen-thief bad boy who has a room-temperature IQ, but rat-like street smarts, and no future past a minimum-wage job and welfare housing. Girls aged 15 to 25 will throw themselves at him crotch first.

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