Is It Okay To Feel Sad For a Psychotic Character In My Book?

I feel such pity/sympathy for him.. And I don't really wanna kill him (in my book) but I'll have to.
Makes me wanna cry. Almost.


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  • You created the character. Perfectly normal to feel the way you do.
    If your readers have the same empathy then Wow! You have a real winner on your hands.


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  • Yes, stories we got do can definitely play a part on our emotional side

    Hey this sounds childish but i had friend who couldn't find a stuffed
    animal and it made me ball my eyes out i went to sleep crying over
    a friend who misplaced something of hers that she had since a child
    i am definitely too emotional or some big sissy Lol

  • It makes sense to feel sad for him. I mean, there was a reason the character went psychotic, and something tragic must've happened before this happened.


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