Why don't my family and girlfriend Get that I want to be alone? Even though it's so obvious?

I'm always alone and I love it and everyone knows it. Like today for example my mum and twin sis are extroverted and they wanted to go out which I was fine with until they said they wasn't going unless I went and on top of that they knew I was suffering bad with hayfever but they forced me to go out. My mum always brings up excuses why I should be out wtf.

and my girlfriend always says 'lets do this' 'lets do that' and I've told her lots of times if she wants to go out get another boyfriend who's extroverted

it really fu**ing annoys me...

should I just be more blunt about things and say sh*t like I want to be alone? And make it even more obvious?


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  • Just be like "I want to be alone today, tomorrow, a week from now, probably for a while"

    I think your mum and twin sis are trying to make you an extrovert or just to get out there and have fun. I think your girlfriend is bored and wants to do things. Extremely blunt sounds good "no I don't want to do anything today" she probably might break up with you because you aren't going out anywhere together.


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  • Well you're being pretty selfish in regards to your girlfriend. You're going to have to learn how to compromise if you want ANY relationship to work. I don't understand why you'd want to be in a relationship if you want to be alone 24/7.

    • I don't see how it's selfish she knew what I was like not really selfish

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    • My answer stays the same.

    • Never asked for you to change it

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