A question for Christians?

Simple question, Im just curious.

The time span, In the bible, To which the world was created, Up until its end, lets us figure out that the Earth, And Universe, is but a mear 6,000 - 13,000 years old, (Whereas Carbon dating and stuff says earth alone is 4.5 BILLION years old).

So, My question is, How do Christians explain Dinosuars and shit? like do you just refuse to believe they exist even though we have found bones and stuff?

A question for Christians?

And, You can't say ''oh i believe the world is older then that'' if you're Christian right? like, You can't pick and choose what parts you want to believe and what not to believe? you wouldn't truly be a christian then right?

Just curious is all, This had always bothered me.


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  • Actually you can pick and choose what to believe. Everyone has their own beliefs. Every Christian does not believe in everything the bible says. Don't say "oh you wouldn't be a Christian then" because yes you would. It's a religion ( and one that at it's base roots questions established thinking and authority) not a strict set of beliefs that must be followed. Please actually listen to this and not just blow it off and continue to view religious people as morons and zealots, because they're not, just as all athiests are not people who feel superior to religious people

    • Anyone who takes what's written in the bible literally is a moron

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    • Also it doesn't say "you have to believe everything in the bible or you aren't a full Christian" it's not like you'll be excommunicated for disagreeing. Please read what I wrote, Christianity is very much about questioning

    • When the bible was written it was popular thought that homosexuality was disgusting and unnatural. I personally find it hard to believe that a religion based so much on forgiveness and acceptance would look down on people because of their sexuality. I believe that there is nothing with homosexuals, but some Christians take the bible literally and do. This doesn't make me not Christian though

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  • Well let me ask you a question, how are scientists sure that the whole big bang theory thingie even hapened if they werent there? And dont get me started about the bible, the reason it was written by more than one person is to prove the fact that yest God exists, Jesus came to earth and search.
    And when has the bible said that dinosaurs did not exist?

    • Scientists are not 100% sure the Big bang happened. It just seems like the most likely cause.

      The reason they can tell, Is because when telescopes look at other galaxies using infrared optics, They can be Red-Shifted / Blushifted (The colour basically determines if they are coming towards us or away from us), And almost all of the galaxies seem to be spreading apart, Suggesting originally they were all close together, But something sent them on a course away from each other (The big bang was no ''Bang'', Rather big Expansion) .

      The difference is, We can see evidence of that happening right now if you look into space. Literally google it for real pictures and see for yourself.

      Whereas the bible... Well... It was a book written by some sexist cave dweller that has bin translated hundreds of times with constant error...

      For all we know, The bible could be a bedtime story which some retards took too seriously and it spread as a religion. Who knows? There is no factual proof of god.

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    • Baby animals or not, You could not fit 2,041,408 animals on a boat that small, Its physically impossibe. Its like saying you could fit 5,000 litres of water into a 5 litre jug ya know? haha. It just dosent work xD

      And honestly no, I have never met anyone in my entire life who believes in the talking snake shit, Infact, Most Christians i know even say that part is just bullshit too, But, I can't understand how they can say that part is bullshit, But the rest isn't ya know? It feels to me like they cherry pick what parts are believeable by todays standard of education.

      You said yourself, They didn't have our technology back then, So people would have believed this shit back then, But now that were all educated, Simple things like this are obviously impossible.

      I know so much about the bible, Because i was just interested in religion, After reading it, And seeing all its bullshit / blatant lies i became athiest agnostic.

      And, Jesus's mum, mary, was a Virigin remember?

      And nah, I dont xD

    • Lol thats honestly the first time I've seen a guy write xD
      Ya like it makes sense, I'm sure either
      Oh so you read it? Like he whole thing? Ya no wonder, you seem to know your stuff
      And ya tbh with you I check the whole genesis thing just to make sure you were'nt making all this up but ya anyways
      Oh ya she was, nvm
      And ya its okay. Thxxx
      Well, night :)

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  • "Dinosaurs and shit". Hmm.. Christians don't deny there were Dinosaurs, at all, or giants or countless other beasts we know little about. The Bible indicates these all existed prior to the flood - there are countless indicators that the earth and it's atmosphere were very different prior to this massive event. There have been many books written on it. Also theories about the huge change in the earth's magnetic field, which may explain the large decline in lifespans from before, to after the flood. I've studies much about, but can't explain all the science here, but so much of these things point to that event. I would highly recommend watching the one hour documentary, entitled, "The Case for a Creator," by Lee Strobel. It's free on You Tube. Best of luck!

  • Well you just have to realize that they were told about how the world is 6000 years old and humans are the pinnacle of existence; just like how we were told about carbon dating. In essence, neither of us should be certain about our beliefs.

  • I'm no grass roots evangelicalan Christian, but I know this is a loaded question. Technically the bible mentions ancient beasts, I believe they call it Shenodaeths (could be wrong on the exact name they call it) so they do mention dinosaurs, don't get me wrong I'm not uber zealous (in fact I'm borderline agnostic) but I know a fedora aithiest when I see one, hope this helps, and before you go off on a anti religious tirade, remember, fedoras suck

    • Ah yes lol fedora athiest is a great term

    • Im just curios is all matey, I like to learn more about religion.
      ~sorry if i came across as a 'Fedora Athiest' ?, Where i live, Religion is near nonexistant, So, Im merely curious about this type of stuff ;)

  • I constantly read articles of new discoveries. I saw an article today claiming someone found a 500,000 year old spark plug. So apparently dinosaurs roamed the earth riding motorbikes and the carnivorous animals collected grass with lawn mowers.

  • I would try to answer but I sense you don't really care, haha.

    • No, I do care, Like i said to the other people, Where i live, Religion essentialy does not exist, So, i like to learn more about it ;)

  • Everything is a mystery.