What the heck? What am I suppose to do?

Its summer and I have planned what i wanna do over the summer but apparently its not gonna happen... Cause my mom is working all the time. She's planning to have a 5 days of to arkansa. Like, there's nothing there and what am I suppose to do for the next 2 months? Stay home? Like always? It makes me mad that I have to stay home all the time and I have no fun :(. I tell her, mind as well stay home for the rest of the summer she's like NO WAY? ... Well what am I suppose to do? everyone is on vacation I'm pretending I'm fine. Everytime she talks about the 5 day vacation. it hurts me a lot that I won't be doing anything fun this year before I go back for another 10 months of school. I don't like being bored. And there's nothing besides, tv , ipad and phone. Sounds boring eh? Exactly! I wanna go to the pool but no... I don't have supervisor watching after me. I'm still 15. Tired of being treated like a kid.


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  • go to some swimmin pool round yer area maybe?


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