How many of you are going to move to windows 10?

Ok so windows 10 is out nxt month and already its looking much better than windows 8 following MS traditon to make a poor os then a good one usually with a update or new version which has been going from the 95 days

95 Orignal - Bad
95 OS2 - Good
98 - First edition - Bad
98 - 2nd edition - Good
Me - Bad
2000 - Good infact bullet proof
Neptune - Windows 2000 Replacement Never released as scrapped for XP.
Xp with no SP - glitchy due some bugs
XP with SP - Very good
Longhorn - horrifically Bad
7 - Very good back to XP standard
8.0 (Not 8.1) Bad due to design
8.1 Better but not perfect
10? - Looking good tech previews look superb.

Are you going to make the move? anything with 7 but is capable of running 8 is automatically 10 Ready


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  • I won't give it a try. I'm pessimistic that it will suck just like windows 8.1

    • The tech preview for 10 is pretty good it's a little temperamental in terms of drivers but it's lighting quick in boot maybe as quick as 8 but it's still pre-release and unlike previous windows it will continuously evolve and adapt.

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  • I'm good with 7. Probably I'll just get a Mac. After all I already have an iPhone, iPad and iPod. My laptop still works perfectly so.. I need to wait.


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  • I'm a Mac guy -- all things Apple since 2009.
    I took a bite. Not going back. Ever.

    • I'd go mac but they are incredibly expensive and upgradeablity is far from good and from the new mac OS release is "Rootless" you are going to have even less control on what you can do and to a lot of delevopers that could cause massive problems.

    • We're all entitled to form our opinion, yes?
      I have had absolutely zero problems with my MacBookPro. I am on my second one now and that is simply because I wanted a new one. No viruses, crashes, or issues.
      Sure they are pricier but I see it as an investment. Something I will not have to replace frequently.

    • No i have nothing against mac at all I like them especially for graphic design as they are very quick without all the processes running , in terms of the upgradeablity it upsets a lot of mac users aswell because certain apps become unusable and in terms of viruses etc again now issues , my partner has a mac work laptop and I actually really like it and if i could afford one I would get one in a flash but here in the UK a mac costs around £1000! or 1,500 dollars

  • It's free right?

    • yes it is if you have a copy of 7 or 8.1 regardless of its legality

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