What's it like in real house parties?

I've never been to one and now I'm in university. There's this guy from my school who always has parties and he always invites me. Most of the times I really couldnt make it because of school, but now that it's summer I want to give it a try. Though I'm kind of afraid because even though I could be really confident, and the same time I could also be socially awkward around specific people. I drank twice and both those times I drank a bit because I hate the taste and I got drunk after very few sips. Like I didn't even finish the cup and I was already drunk so I'm scared how I'll behave in real parties. I don't want to make a fuel of myself. And on top of that, I never had a boyfriend so I never kissed before. So I kinda know what people do because of movies but I'm still unsure so can you tell me what people do and stuff?

and his party is in his apartment if that makes a difference


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  • house parties? lots of XTC i guess ^_^

    • oh really? do you think people would look at me strangely if I couldn't drink? like when I try alcohol or other things they just taste so bad and I can't help but feel disgusted and it shows on my face

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    • Have you ever heard of the spotlight effect? This will answer your question: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Spotlight_effect

    • @guy532 is this term so recent?

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  • Hey, don't drink or drink soda. It's cool. Just be yourself.

    And going to a house party does not necessarily involve kissing. :)

    Maybe go with one or two people you know well. (Ask if you can bring friends; I can't see anyone objecting since it's a party.) It can be awkward to meet new people but as long as you're genuine and your real self it's all good.

    The world is full of people who pretend to be hip, aloof and cool. You don't sound like one of those people. :) Have fun.

    • lol I could be plenty of cool :P but thanks for letting me know about what it's like in house parties :)

  • depends on the party really, I've been to some pretty lame ones and other with music louder than clubs with lights and smoke machines... One more week and I have two free weeks of partying :D can't wait.

    • is it usually calmer in apartments than house parties?

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    • I answered your question under klaatu51 :)

    • It was reported in 1999, but it really doesn't matter when it's so spot on.

  • Don't Fraternities still have pig parties and similar events?


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