Would a kid getting brutally rejected this way be a stupid reason to go off killing?

Sure as much as I like horror movies, I got to say even certain people I've known who had things bad happening to them... maybe as just bad as this kid or worse, didn't turn out psychos go on a killing spree. Several people were trying to justify it on a movie board. I feel bad for the kid don't get me wrong but to go off killing is extreme. The kid already had anger issues and needed an excuse to kill.

Valentine 2001 scene:
6th grader asks 5 girls to dance with him (that means kissing included):
Girl 1: In your dreams loser
Girl 2: Ewww and makes a face
Girl 3: I'd rather be boil alive (he grows up and that's the girl he kills in the bathtub scene)
Girl 4: Smiles and says maybe later (only time the kid is happy and he ends up with her at the end)
Girl 5 (the he he obviously hates the most): She accepts it but when caught falsely accuses him of sexual assault

Even though Girl 4 is the only way that doesn't get harm by him, still feel bad for her. I can't imagine how would she react when she finds out he went all the way to changing his ID, did all the murders and kept reassuring him that it's not him (lying) and making it look like the grown up Girl 5 did the killings.


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  • I doubt it was just for those reasons he probably got rejected, neglected, and abused his whole life by others in his life.


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  • It's definitely abad reason. The pain is real but as you grow up you can deal with better not worth it to kill someone in cold blood ending their life. This movie is an exaggeration of the pain normal people go throught it's not realistic or healthy

  • Sounds reasonable to me. I hope he killed Girl 5 a lot.

    • Well he elaborated it on Girl 5. He didn't just shoot her to death, he forced her into the scary costume along with the mask (think there was a deleted scene where he enters into the room, knocks her out and keeps her the costume while she's unconscious) and then framed her for all the murders so everyone would think she did it all.

    • Doesn't sound like a bad horror movie actually. People have tried for ages to tie movies to real violence, but studies indicate more and more that some people will behave violently no matter what they are exposed to.

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