The 24 hours of Le Mans, who are you hoping to win?

We're at that time and place again this year folks, the biggest race in the world! The 24 hours of Le Mans! Many manufactures are competing with various and incredible prototype racers. Who are you hoping wins?

I hope Audi wins yet again. Audi is a dominant force in LMP1 racing and has the amazing R18 E-Tron Quattro, upgraded for this year's race! I love the engineering and dedication that goes into Audi's prototypes and racing team. They didn't win Le Mans 13 times in the past 15 years for no reason, after all! I just love Audi!
The 24 hours of Le Mans, who are you hoping to win?

However, there will be stiff competition from Porsche, Toyota, and Nissan. Anything can happen, too. So who do you hope wins this year?

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Porsche won! Oh well, maybe Audi can get back on track next year! Porsche really deserved it this year, the prototype they made was amazing.


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  • My fav GTLM is corvette and always will be

    • Considering how it sounds I can see why! Glad Corvette won its class,

    • mhhhhhhhhm

    • thnks for mho! sorry i forgot to add that corvette is my favourite racing team in the ALMS. I like them because they comepete and against ferrari and aston martin and so on... and still end up on top. In all honesty i'm not a huge American car fan, but the corvette will always be my favourite car cause you get so much performance for a decent price.

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  • I'm not totally sure I agree that "anything can happen". I'm guessing Peugeot winning probably won't happen - not least because they haven't actually entered a car (not for a few years, in fact).
    I definitely don't want Audi or Porsche to win (although I'm sure they will), and the Nissans deserve to lose horribly too - what kind of dumbass thinks a front wheel drive car is going to be competitive?
    I'd probably go with Toyota, just out of some misplaced sense of loyalty (I drive a Toyota), and the Dodge Viper to win its class.

  • let's go wid Toyota then.

    (i like Toyota a liiiiiil bit more for some reason)

  • I`m a Audi guy the sensible guy option

    and I like to say" I`m audi" when ditching a place

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