I know this isn't really the place for asking for study tips, but I don't really want to make a yahoo answer or something just for one question. Basically, all of my subjects I'm confident I'll do decent on the exams because they're based on understanding concepts, not just memorization if that makes sense. My art teacher however, what she does is, for each block of art history, she makes a slideshow, and on the test she puts a few of the slides and you have to know the exact title and information on that slide. I suck at memorizing that stuff! Especially because the blocks are so similar looking, I can't even distinguish if it's egyptian, roman, greek, etc. Any memorization tips? I got 60s on all art history unit tests but my projects kept my average at a 92. I'm worried the exam will bring it down to lower than an 85. Thanks!


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  • huh... maybe search bout egypt/roman/greek history pics in google... so u could memorize em?

    • I can only use the images in the slides she gave us though... and they all look exactly the same! :(

    • as far as i know egyptian landscapes have those weird paintings... no?

  • I use one of those programs which reads out copy-pasted text. Listening makes thing 10x better imho


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