How many of you really believe that underage girls are ONLY on birth control to maintain their period?

I'm not here to argue, but I'm also not falling for that crap. If you have an irregular period, I'm sure there are other options.

If you try to argue in the comments section, I may just ignore you. I really just care to see the poll... Not so much as the comments.

But as for the comments, would you allow your future daughters 12-17 to be on birth control because of an irregular period?

If you want to have sex, why birth control? Just use condoms. If you get pregnant or catch something, then you know you shouldn't have been doing it in the first place.

Im sure its clear that I do not support birth control.

  • Girls: I'm on birth control because of my irregular period.
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  • Girls: I'm on birth control because of sex.
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  • Guys: I believe that most girls are only on birth control because of their irregular menstrual cycle.
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  • Guys: I believe that most girls are on birth control because they want to have sex without getting pregnant.
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Most Helpful Guy

  • That one has always been con for young girls to get away with having sex right under their gullible parents' noses.

    • Exactly... My mom had the nerve to tell me I could go on birth control once I hit college. I'm not about to risk my chances of an unhealthy body by taking that toxic crap. If people would just wait til they were married or really committed to one person before having sex (for if they dont want JUST a baby daddy) and were ready to start a family, then BC would be unnecessary.

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    • And I have much respect for a dude like you :)

Most Helpful Girl

  • "Birth" control... Hmm, let's see here... sex leads to pregnancy... which eventually leads to birth... hmmmmm...

    • Sex leads to... Hmm, lets see here, risk of disease... which birth control can't control

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    • It's cool Lol

    • Awe shucks, u gave me MHO :$ *huggies* Thank you

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What Guys Said 3

  • I think it's a load of shit girls are having sex younger and younger

    • Exactly...

    • Well according to statistics, both males and females are having sex for the first time later and later...

      I'd say that's true going from GAG. Look at all the virgins in their 20's on here.

  • I believe one of both is the aim and the other effect is a fringe benefit.

  • To be honest... I didn't know girls used birth control anymore. Where are they girls at? I've met a select few in their 20's who use birth control.

    Need further proof? Look at all the women between 18-29 with MULTIPLE kids (like four or five.) We're going through another baby boom.


What Girls Said 4

  • I'm on BC because my periods are REALLY painful which isn't really normal.. I saw surgery somewhere but with type 1 diabetes things dont really heal well so it wouldn't be a good idea lol.

    I get you though, you are saying that there are other alternatives but some really consider what we should use like myself.

    I kinda agree with you.. some are on it just for the excuse that they can have sex without any consequences. I know how it is when periods are painful so I'll be able to tell if my daughter is lying or not.

    • Great reasoning...

    • Lmaooo thanks but I like ur imput! It's always cool to see both sides you know? :P

    • Yea it really is

  • Whoops. I picked the wrong option. I'm not on it, but I haven't done anything. If you're talking about underage girls? I think it's because of sex, not periods. Pills can help with periods.

    And no, no birth control for my daughter that young.

    • I dont want my daughters on it EVER, but I can't control them once they're 21 sooo... Yea I said 21 instead of 18 lol

    • @Asker You can't LEGALLY control them at 18 years old.

  • I've been taking it for painful periods, so ya I believe that and I would let my kid take them for that reason if that's what the doctor recommends

    • But there's got to be some other solution right? A healthier diet, surgery, or something...

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    • @Realfire22 well the main reason you're not supposed to is because you grow resistant to them and you might be in a situation where you really need them and then they won't work

    • That only happens if you take them for every little thing. I agree that eventually your body could resist the pain killers if it's used to it, which is why u should only take them sparingly and when in EXTREME pain.
      That's why it's great to know natural remedies. Peppermint for bloating and any stomach issue. Honey to soothe. Lemon and ginger to heal and produce sweat. Etc...

  • I voted A but it isn't completely true. I need the hormones to keep ovarian cysts and endometriosis away. I've had both and I've been on lots of hormones in the past year to try to take care of it. I finally had surgery and now I'm back to the normal pills.

    • What do you mean by normal pills? You dont have to take BC anymore?

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    • I assume that since you wouldn't want your baby girl on BC, you really must be using them for health issues and not for sex. For that, much respect

    • Thank you

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