Hey, it's important please help! This is about iPhone?

Hey guys, in my iPhone time is showed by "AM/PM" but in my friend's phone it's "am/pm". I want to change the setting. Please if you know how, help me :) (As you can understand, my English is really bad so.. You know)


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  • This isn't important.

    • According to me it's kind of a bog deal

    • Big deal*

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  • So... You want to change it from capitols to lower case...

    Im sorry... but... why? does it matter? xD

    • Yes it does matter to me

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    • I don't know, it's about visual. You know I do not like "capitals"

    • but, dude, it dosent matter tho xD, Its telling you the exact same info haha

  • Where are you from? And what language do you use on your iPhone?

    • I use English on my iPhone?

    • Ok it does change if you change your region, I changed my region to Germany and it became "am"... So go to settings - general - language and region, and then change it to the same region your friend has.

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  • Lol, omg

    It's okay :)
    I don't know if you can change it... but it's still the same.

    • Yeah I know but it's important (to me tho)

  • I don't get it.

    • It seems: I want to change capitols to lowercase

    • Ohh, well I don't have a iPhone but, I'm guessing. Go into your settings, click clock, and try to look for something saying change the capitalization.

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