Need advice for fall semester and beyond?

Hello everyone,

I really need advice on how to do well in science courses. I really want to go to dental school. Before, I was in the dental club but not focused at all, never studying and out partying or playing vid games until it was time to cram. I received C's in lectures and B's and A's in lab, making it up to physics I before i left to another state due to a family issue. When I left, I forgot to drop my current classes which failed me three classes :(. My school offers a forgiveness of three classes which i plan to partake in. Currently, now being a few years later than my first go-around, I work full time for a very successful dentist and I am extremely serious about doing well this time around at age 28. She also knows the Dean of admissions at a dental school which would give me an extra push if need be. Im retaking Chem I and Bio II again this fall. Lately, for the past month, I've been studying out of my Chem book, trying to teach myself how to study sciences since my bach degree is in graphic design. I read, take notes and try the problems. I study daily, missing maybe 1 day a week to relax and still my conscience still gets to me, making me feel terrible about not studying that day lol. Therefore, I am more serious than ever, i just need motivation and guidance. I study chem about 1.5 to 2, sometimes more hours per day, in preparation for the upcoming semester, to develop successful study routines. I don't live with parents so i take care of myself and fiance. Please guys, am i going about this the right way? by the way sometimes, ill try to UNDERSTAND THE CONCEPTS, and get to practice problems (cumulative problems which are harder review problems) and miss them from minor errors and even tho i try to understand what i did wrong, i forget and repeat the same issue again days later. What am i doing wrong and how can i overcome this so i can be successful? I am so stressed and nervous about this... that it is killing me, honestly, but i really want


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