Should parents let their children form their own political beliefs as they grow up or raise them to believe "theirs" from childhood?

If they let them form theirs, theyll form them based on how they see the world, their own experiences, and what "they" think is right, but if parents raise them to think it, thats not the kids beliefs but the parents beliefs engrained in their kid.

and honestly not much of difference happens when a republican or democrat gets elected in office (for america) people freak out either way and it wouldn't change much. And both sides say the other party is falling apart, and both sides edit videos/interviews to make the other party look bad, regardless of whether or not the full video would actually make them look good.

  • Kids should choose for themselves as they grow up
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  • Kids should be raised to think their parent's political views
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Keep in mind i mean "NO" parental influence. That includes encouraging them to think your way. Theyll look up to you as parents and will probly follow your beliefs if they were young, thus having the parents beliefs and not their own
Ignore that update, should they mention their beleifs, but emphasize to them to be open to other peoples beliefs


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  • I would argue that you can't even influence your children's political views as much as you think. And it's particularly difficult, if not impossible, to not influence them at all. Why? Because political views don't just have to do with specific topics, they always have a lot to do with worldview in general, moral and ethical values and these kind of things. And it's almost impossible to not teach your kid any of those. Picture a little child pulling a cat's or dog's tail and the mommy says "hey don't do that!" and the child asks "why?" and the mom replies: "because it hurts him/her! Animals have feelings too!" There you go. Already taught some ethics without mentioning anything remotely political. I base my liberal views largely (to 95%) on my general attitude towards life and this world as a secular humanist. Take gay marriage as a random topic. Of course I can bring forth rational arguments why it makes sense to legalize gay marriage or why it's wrong to discriminate against gay people but my core belief why homosexuality is something totally fine comes from my secular humanism, because I reject religion as an oppressive instrument of control, because I believe every human being is born free and because I believe that we as human beings can only peacefully and happily live together if we are tolerant and open minded parts of the society. All these core values are pretty vague in the sense that they could also be applied to other topics. It's things that your parents just give you along or they don't. I'm not sure if I would be able to control this influence on my future children even if I tried to. You just pass it on, without noticing. Of course you can influence them in the sense that you can force your opinions on your children or instead not talk a lot about politics but there will also be a value basis that you simply give them on their way and that you can't not give them.

    • Thats what i meant by let them choose base on their view of the world, and their life experiences.

    • *based

    • That's what I'm trying to get at. Their view of the world will not differ much from the one of their parents. That's why I doubt whether this is even a "free" decision or choice.

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  • It would be very strange to say everyone in the world can have input into a person's political opinions except his parents. Why? It sounds impossible and pointless. What problem would you solve by doing that? What problems would it create?

    • Read the second update

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    • I chAnged the question to the update, i didn't mean no influence on "political issues" , cause someone else might be doing it for you. And yes it does make a difference when children are brought up to be open minded. and keep in mind its just politics, it wouldn't make a difference which side their on.

    • I'm standing by my original answer. To clarify, I think parents should tell their children their political and philosophical beliefs and explain the reasoning behind them. I further believe they should explain the reasons they disagree with conflicting beliefs and opinions.

      I do not believe it's necessary to stress that they should be open to others' beliefs because children are already doing that as long as they're not completely isolated.

      I think if parents tell their children that the children MUST think a certain way, there's no way children will ever do that. They might hold the same beliefs as the parents, but no parent has the ability to control the thought processes of his child. Telling them they must BE this or THINK that simply won't work.

      Your question is very nuanced and I hope I'm interpreting it correctly. Also, it's late and I'm signing off.

      Thanks for the stimulating question.

  • Why wouldn't you want other people to have your beliefs?

    • No, not beliefs in general, political beliefs, thats completely different, and has no outcome or influence on them as person, whether their democrat or republican. It doesn't matter, it barely makes a bit of difference which side gets elected. And a lot of people i know debate politics using their parents opinion because their parents raised them that way and they feel strongly about it.

      Me on the other hand had no political influence and i based my political views on my view of what was right or not, purely from my experiences, my perspective when i was 17.

      If my kids think different then thats their view, but i want it to be completely their own opinion and not just agreeing with me because i heavily influenced them.

      And if you think differently then i do even though you got your political views the same way i did. I think your a more rational person who youd get more out of in a debate and possibly change my mind then someone who basically copies their parents word. Cuz how do..

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    • Kindof like how people can be influenced good by being taught to be accepting of different people and races vs someone who was raised racist, would they still be racist if they werent raised that way?

    • Well, I agree that choice of political party doesn't make much difference. But, then the correct view would be exactly that.

      But, there's more to politics than party affiliation, anyway.

      Certainly, political beliefs shouldn't be taught as a faith, but neither should any other kind of belief. They should be rationally explained when appropriate to the child.

  • I would say encourage the families main political belief but allow the kids to develop. As long as the kid has a solid mental base in he's not overly gullible.

    • But thats raising them to believe it, if you encourage it when their young especially as their parents, there's a good chance theyll bias towards it, im talking about no influence, so theyll have a clean slate and it really would be their beliefs and their parents didn't influence it

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    • Sure open mindedness is good. However, if my kid is indulging in a medically unsafe behavior, I will stop them.

    • You do realize that i was only talking about politics on the clean slate earlier right? It doesn't matter if they even care about or like politics, if that was what you were worried about

  • I think we were allowed to pick our own path but we were gun people so that helped me decide

    • If parents engrain their beliefs in them when their young without forcing them, theyll typically take on their parents beliefs instead of forming it on their own

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    • I wasn't sure if you were joking on saying that the beliefs kids are engrained with when thier young, by people they look to at that age (their parents), doesn't usually make them think similar. Im not saying it does all the time but usaully yes it does

    • *look up to

  • my dad is a capitalist, so is my mom.
    I am a socialist.

    go figure :)

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