80s music poll: Favorite album by XTC (part 1)?

XTC began as a new-wave/power-pop band in da late 70s, then changed musical directions, and they became more alternative-rock or psychedelic-pop. Their early albums from late-70s were really gr8 and very catchy. They pretty much defined new-wave’s sound. From their later albums after “Black Sea”,”The Big Express” sounds kinda good I’d say.

  • Black Sea
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  • English Settlement
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  • Mummer
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  • The Big Express
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  • Well @Klaatu51 , i see your still doing 80's music polls...


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  • XTC is my favorite band, and it's so hard to pick a favorite album because all their albums are so good (although my least favorite is white music)

    • gosh glad to see there's somebody even younger than me who knows em?
      but y white music least fav? personally i liked their late 70s/early 80s albums coz they were more new-wavish :)

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    • Drums and Wires is an amazing album! I love all the songs on it, and the cover art is great!

    • "Making Plans For Nigel","Helicopter","Day In Day Out" were gr8 new-wave poppish songs... but i also liked "Complicated Game".. it was kinda... darker somehow

  • no clue I voted a randomly :)

  • Klaatu51 your still here, that's a relief. I haven't seen you in a while and I though you left.

    • huh... i'm here everyday bro

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