Social Media... what's your poison?

Just wanted to see how prevalent social media is amongst my fellow GaGers. I, personally, have no social media...

  • face book
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  • my space
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  • snatch chap
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Just thought Id mention that I dont count G@G as social media as all the info I've submitted for this site is bogus...
Just saw that I misspelled snap chat! Woops...


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  • I don't use social media, it ain't about keeping in touch anymore, it's just about trying to earn social status through self advertisement. People who do a lot of facebook are superficial tossers.

    • Though this (hating on social media) is not the intent of my post, I honestly couldn't agree anymore! Call me weird but, I prefer keeping my life private and I'm not concerned with how many likes or friends I have...

    • I know it wasn't the intention of the post, but I felt compelled to express how I feel about it. The people who I hang out with are on my phone, there's half a dozen of them who I see with any regularity and I text or call them. I'm not into adding hundreds of people on fb and making sure my page does me justice so they think I'm cool when they look at it. Too many people are about that these days and it takes away from your authenticity as far as I'm concerned. It's nice to see I'm not the only one who feels this way!

    • I've found the lack of genuine F2F relations often leads to misunderstanding, drama, etc. No thanks lol. That and for the life of me i cannot understand why anyone would want their life to be a matter of public record (not many people realize that all social media is documented in the Library of Congress) and it let's me know who my true friends are... there's about 3-5 of them lol..

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  • I'm way behind the times. With no smartphone, I'm limited to GAG and Fb. And Fb is only useful for events and music, I find.

    • I don't think you're behind, just a little more rational/conservative in terms of your private life. The way I see it is this; if its that important, someone will pick up the phone lol. Everything else is just chit chat...

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    • Thanks for your post!

    • You're welcome mate :)

  • Twitter but I only use it to promote myself.

  • LinkedIn? I'm a professional so...