Popular girl's toyboy?

Never thought I could even coomunicate with that girl. There are pretty few guys not drooling over her. But then she asked for help with some schoo stuff. Turned out she's actually a nice person. But I'd always say that, because I'm drooling over her, too lol. Anyway, she says I'm special and she'd be kinda spoiled because all the guys put up with virtually everything she does. (She calls herself a predator and me her prey ;)) I said that's OK cause if she was with me, I'd definitely spoil her, too, and probably put up with everything she does, too (except cheating), and that she can always twist me around her little finger anyway (or hunt me down, if she will). She smiled, told me that she really, really liked me, and now we're a couple :D
However, people refuse to believe it. Instead they're like I'd be her toyboy as long as she can use me for her homework or so. She says this is not true. She even said I could stop helping her if I'm insecure. (But that would be lame, why should she pay for other people stupidity.) She also pointedly kisses me when everybody sees it. But this seems just to be another "proof" for her using me. Never thought this would bother me too much, since I've got HER, the VERY BEST GIRL EVER (sorry for the caps ;)). But still it kinda sucks. I think I'll get over it, because all that matters is she, but I'd be glad to hear some advice to take it more easily. It doesn't help that I'm head over heels in love with her and kinda act like her personal bootlicker. But it's fun for me and for her, so I don't want to act like I don't care. She COULD use me for whatever she wants, but I want people to realize she doesn't and never would (unless it's sexy, but that's private)!


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  • If you loke hwr and where thia is going, go for it. If at anytime you start to feel used step back, think about it and cut her off if she's using you.

    To me, this stuff sounds sketchy but J don't know either of you so I can't tell.

    • May sound sketchy, yea. But from the time we started to meet until we've got together, half a year went by. We've got much more to share than school stuff. We don't meet because of school. We see each other everyday and we do school stuff only once a week. And it's me who has to initiaite it. She doesn't really want to, but it really helps her.

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    • Pedestal, well, maybe. But she puts me on one, too. I helped her brother, too, and her parents like me. Seems all like I'm one step ahead to friend-zone, I know. But: when we meet, she almost eats me alive. She always playfights with me, grabbles with me and cuddles me. She sits on me and doesn't want to let me go. She kisses me with passion. Often she wants me to accompany her when she sees her friends. And she gets me gifts out of nothing.
      She actually is kind of bossy and I know this can be a red flag. But I kind of like that about her. It's sexy.

    • Bossy isn't a bad thing in my book either if done right. It sounds like she does like you and your in a good relationship. Don't worry about what people say. Jealousy and envy make people say crazy things.

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