Do you think Reality TV shows are the very worst thing to ever happen in the television and social media in America?

I think so. All it is are just pathetic excuses for a group of idiots with no talent whatsoever, that are desperate for celebrity fame and social media and would do any ridiculous and unspeakable things out in public to get them (Kim Kardashian for her sex tapes or Farrah Abraham for being pregnant at age 16 and bitching about her life struggles as if her problems are more important than many other pregnant teen girls who never got the fame that she had nor asked for them).

There was a time when MTV used to be a channel strictly for music videos, a few good movies and few good NON-REALITY TV shows. Now, MTV is completely ruined by allowing itself to become infested with a bunch of stupid reality shows with little to no real purpose behind them.

Do you think reality TV ruins the celebrity status standards?

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  • I miss the days of TRL, MTV Diary, Making The Video, etc where it was about ARTISTS. Not trashy shows like 16 and Pregnant, Jersey Shore, Mob Wives, etc. The drama, sluttiness, drunk rants etc are soooo tiring. I am over reality shows.


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  • tv programmes are only there to cheaply fill the gaps in between the ads

    • this is from an official marketing strategy plan of a German tv channel, so no joke!

What Guys Said 2

  • I hate reality shows

    • I can't believe people actually waste a small chunk of a their lifetime enjoying watching reality TV show like Jersey Shore, Kardashians and so on. This is why as an American myself, I never watch TV very much because of stupid reality TV shows along with stupid tabloid talk shows (Jerry Springer, Steve Wilkos, etc.). I can't believe America has sunked itself so low to allow these atrocities to even exist in our TV media.

  • MTV needs to bring back NEXT and Room Raiders. Those were the good ole days.