What's the craziest Craigslist ad that you've seen?

The guy's facesitting question made me think of this. There was one where a man basically said that he was looking for someone to sit on his face. He was very serious because he had said for no one else to contact him about anything else other than sitting on his face... bahaha.

There was also this one which I find to be sad and yet somewhat wrong:


He seems like a bitter guy who doesn't understand that when many women say we want nice guys... we want you to be ATTRACTIVE too. I thought that was common sense but apparently it needs to be defined to plenty of people.


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  • Someone was selling a bread roll once, said it had to be sold that day too...

    • Must've either been dirt poor and desperate for money, or it was laced/poisoned with something.

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  • I never go on craigslist for anything. Lol I'm not surprised about the facesitting question though. I know a guy who loves to give women oral sex in that position.

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