How do I make my outside dog an inside dog?

I live with my mom when I'm not staying at college. We recently took a labrador puppy off of my sister's hands (for its own good trust me) and we have it outside. It's in a fairly small pen and I know the negatives of having an outside dog. We let him out to play and go potty whenever we can, but my mom works 12ish hours a day 6 hours a week. I try to let him out when I'm here, but I worry about the winter and when I'm not here. We have two inside cats, one old, one a former wild stray, that HATE dogs. Between the cats hiding or trying to fight and s being unable to let him out of the house to potty, I don't know how to make him an inside dog so he's healthier. (He also likes to steal shoes, but we can train that :) ) Any suggestions?


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  • If he's still a puppy, you could train him but by now, it's probably instilled into him now. It's like if you keep a cat indoors as a kitten, they'll probably be afraid to go outside.

    You will have to force him to stay inside when you're out and in winter but put the TV on or play the radio. It sometimes comforts them as they feel less lonely.