The police find a man's body face down on the ground in an isolated area. They determine he has been dead for hours?

There is no blood on or around him, nor are there any signs of a struggle.

There is a compass lying on the ground next to him. When they pick it up and look at it, the needle points south no matter which way they turn it.

What is the most likely cause of death?

The only place on earth where a compass points south no matter which way you turn it is the North Pole.

Given no evidence of trauma and the relative isolation of the NP, the only likely cause of death is hypothermia... freezing.


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  • There's many ways this could have happened, in my imagination.
    At the north pole, obviously he could have frozen to death via hypothermia, but he could have died from medical conditions or a stress-related disorder.
    For example, maybe he was diabetic and overdosed on insulin.
    Or maybe he had a heart attack.
    By the way, I didn't know there were police at the North Pole. How many speeding tickets did Santa get?

  • Cardiac arrest or a stroke maybe? The compass could've been damaged when it was dropped.

  • Lead poison, or shards of mental