Why are there a lot of bad cops now who get away with bias?

For instance someone made a phone call with a false, easily disprovable allegation that I was calling and texting them. These two "cops" come to where I am late at night to threaten me with arrest and basically calling me a liar when I deny it, and then I call the station and the guy who sent them out referred to the person calling as "the victim" which once again, assumes my GUILT. Why would a liar who makes a phone call be a victim? If anyone was the victim it was me. I am sick and tired of corrupt pigs treating me like dirt and assuming I did something I didn't based on the word of someone on a call.


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  • There have always been "bad cops who get away with bias." Any time you give people authority, there will be people who abuse it. We just have to hope that there are more people who won't abuse their power and actually care about their communities than there are people who do.


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  • Bad cops have been around forever but thanks to technology, they're getting called out on it


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  • The bad guy in this situation is not the police but the guy. Clearly you need to resolve your issues with them. What are the police supposed to do. They have to take all phone calls seriously.

    • What are they supposed to do? NOT CALL ME A LIAR AND ASSUME I AM GUILTY

    • They didn't arrest you which means they didn't say you were guilty. If you got this pissed this quickly with them then of course they're gonna think you're lying and the other guy is telling the truth. The only thing they know is one of you is lying and the one with the worse temper is gonna be prime suspect number one. Sounds to me they did their jobs the way they were supposed to and you're having a tantrum like a spoiled child.

    • hey dbag. I was actually quite clam until THEY started being rude.

  • There aren't a lot. It's terrible what the media and people are doing to cops. They aren't allowed to do their jobs anymore without fear of being thrown in jail. Soon they'll just stop doing their job

    • The stuff I have been persecuted for us not real crime.

      So there are a lot of corrupt ones in these ways.

    • You're stereotyping