What do you hate the most about having Divorced/separated parents?

There's a lot of things, really, but i have to say it drives me mad how they sometimes think they have it worse compared to the kids, or they just don't realize your effected by it.


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  • well when i was a kid it was not seeing my dad often, i saw him only on weekends
    He passed away when i was 7

    But my mother still says sometimes that he was horrible and this and that, or how i remind her of him...

    I recently found out he was abusive... so that hurt... I don't know, i just wish he never died and that he treated my mother right, i was to little to realize whats going on...

    sorry for venting on your question

    • don't be sorry, I think sometimes we need to vent about stuff like this!
      Sorry to hear about your dad. My dad cheated on my mum, and I was a bit young to understand but know it hurts to know he did that, and chose some woman over us.
      I know it must have been hard but I hate it when my mum just says bad things about him, cause he'e still my dad, even if you don't like him, and I think parents should respect that.
      Anyway, sorry to hear about it, and don't be sorry for venting! its practically what the question is for!

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    • I totally understand you though, its hard to know what to think

    • well i hope you stay strong and your parents realize that life ain't so bad

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  • Their immaturity about who has it rough is probably the characteristic they both have that caused the divorce in the first place. I notice a lot of people that have had divorces are fairly immature and selfish people.

    • Yeah it can be so annoying when they fight over such stupid stuff like their kids. Sometimes I feel like they feel like they always have to at least act like they hate each other because they feel they have too, even though they should make a better effort together.

  • Travelling on a plane to see the other

    • Yeah I understand you my dad lives in another country, I hate it, I went about 3 years without seeing him until last year.

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  • I'm a divorced parent i'm really interested in what people say about this.

    • Yeah don't take it the wrong way, sometimes I just wonder what people who have been in the same situation as me think

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    • thanks. i used to do that but have stopped

    • Yes, I can understand that parents probably don't mean to do this, as they are going through a hard time, especially at the start

  • The two people you love most aren't together

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