Where all the music lovers at?

What's your favorite genres of music, what's your taste? How many people on here has a user account with Last. fm. com? If so, feel free to post the URL! Society of music lovers and last. fm streamers, stand up and be counted, let's do it BIG! MUSIC TO THE WORLD!! SELAH


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  • My favorite genre is R and B
    But the older stuff back then it was about love, not just sex

    here is some great R and B


    • Yes sir, I hear that. I can identify with this track and this Genre of music. and you are right, R&B music of the yester-years are true love anthems

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    • Good stuff man hang in there
      and enjoy the music

    • yes sir, will do. And be it the same onto you too. Respect

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  • Indie music
    George Ezra all the way! ^-^

    • Oooooh, I'm feeling that @Hiddlescat c: songs like "did you hear the rain?" " leaving it up to you" "get lonely with me" niiice :)

    • My favorites are 'Blame it on Me', 'Barcelona' and 'Breakaway'

    • mmm, The three B's. and even while I was listing those that I like, I knew I forgot one of them. thank you for nailing it for me :)

      "Every time you have to go

      Shut my eyes and you know

      I’ll be lying right by your side in Barcelona"


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  • Omg... Last FM
    I forgot that side, thank you very much Lion

    I listen to many genres

    • Lol, no problem bro. I'm an avid listener of music and of various genres. so I am always streaming what I am listening to and, discovering new music. and sometimes new can mean old songs that you haven't heard before as well. so, it's a wonderful thing. music is my life. If I'm not listening to something, I'm either humming or singing something. Music is a part of my everyday life. Rock on brother, Blessed Love

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    • You sir, caught my interest.
      Let me message you so I can spam question you about Lastfm xD

    • Haha! you got soul, you go boy! Go ahead, I'll give you the 411 on anything you want to know. music to the world!!!