Self harm and losing friends?

So I had a huge problem with self harm last year and I threw all the razors away in front of my mate and promised I'll never do it again and I had to tell him I did it again as someone was saying to me to kill myself 😞 which I was talked out of by another friend but I still cut and my best mate joe promised he wouldn't stop talk to me after I told him wht I did but now he is blanking my Snapchat 😞 have I lost him foreva


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  • Firstly the more serious problem. I'll give you an example with someone being bullied or abused on-line. The best answer is to use that off switch on your computer or phone or delete the app. Whatever. It's the same here in a way. You have to ignore them, or better still, laugh at them. Whatever is said to you then falls flat, because the abuser didn't get the reaction from you that they wanted. After two or three times, it will most likely stop because they will have realised you aren't going to take the bait any more. You are strong enough to let it all pass over your head.

    Lastly the best friend. He can't be much of a best friend to dump you, even though you broke a promise. He should understand what you were going through and support you through hell or high water, as the saying goes. Give him some space for a while, back right off. He may well decide that he doesn't like being blanked himself and he may start talking to you again.

    If something like this happens again, come here for support BEFORE you do anything!! We are all here to help. Many have been in exactly the same situation.

    Take care, stay safe!!

    • :( yh but theirs no point now I've lost him

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    • Doesn't seem like he's a nice guy at all. He doesn't deserve your friendship. So, I think you should find another BFF. That might make him think again!!

    • I Donno think he is just sick of the cuttin he helped me stop twice and I promise to never do it again... And I messaged him on Snapchat so are we mates an he said I don't know

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  • Well I don't see the purpose of cutting yourself just because someone tells you something bad. If they said "jump in front of a train", would you jump in front of a train? Probably not.

  • You need to get a grip. You only live once

    • Yh but he is my best friend now he won't answer me

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    • Is this how you're guna pay back your friends who supported you all those times you cut yourself? How about you appreciate them and yourself more.

    • Well I'm gettin told to kill myself and people sendin pics of razors and my dad hates me so

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