80s music poll : Favorite album by Freeez/Thomas Dolby?

Freeez were an 80s freestyle/synth-pop group active during mid-80s mostly known 4 their single “I. O. U.”. tbh I didn’t like any of their albums much…maybe “Gonna Get You” was kinda OK…but still…

Thomas Dolby’s a synth-pop artist/producer mostly known for his song “She Blinded Me With Science”. His entire album “Golden Age Of Wireless” and his EP “ Blinded By Science” were massive. 8)

  • Southern Freeez (Freeez)
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  • Gonna Get You (Freeez)
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  • Idle Vice (Freeez)
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  • The Golden Age of Wireless (Thomas Dolby)
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  • Blinded by Science (Thomas Dolby)
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  • The Flat Earth (Thomas Dolby)
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  • Aliens Ate My Buick (Thomas Dolby)
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