Which would you choose?

Guy one: is the ex
asked for pics before we meet
After being together for three months cheated on me over the phone with a woman
Said he had doubt and eas commited back and forth
complained about drving 30 min ti see me once a week/ mostly once every four weeks
Has a awesome family who i get aling great with
said he loves me been together 8 months
last week tol me he had doubts
then broke up with me and blocked me on fb and said rude things like icant stand being with you
i onoy saw him once a week if i was lucky, he complaiend about seeing me
he contacted me said he has deprresion and can't love soemone untill he loves himself.
Asks to get back together

Guy 2 is the new guy
Met him recently
has good family, but issues
seems to really care about me
will not discuss sex or pictures
offered to do things for me
wants to go on a date
we have a lot in common
he is willing to drive 2 hrs each way to see me
wants to buy me things
says the sweetes thing
basically do i give an ex anither chance or say im done and take a chance on this new guy and if it does not work out (seems like it will) chance being alone?

I have a issue wiiht putting others before myself I feel bad i know he is depressed, but i need more. I also want to be there for him ughhh i know i should not be


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  • I'd flip a coin because fuck it if you can't figure this out on your own what's it matter anyway?

    • I have a guilty concisouness. i know he is depressed, but for once i am trying to think of myself

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    • i guess, i am worries he will hurt himself

    • Well, let's just put it this way: If he does you being there wouldn't have stopped the eventual.

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  • Why would you think about the ex? You are crazy he treats you like crap. If you defend him then go back to him. Give the 2nd guy a chance.

  • Of course #2 - you idiot !

    • but many girls go for #1 ... I was the men like in #2 but she dumped me. :/

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  • I would pick guy 2.

    I just don't trust cheaters.

    As for second chances, by not bashing them to others, not talking bad about him, or belittling him is a second chance.

    So if he wants to improve, the negative comments won't hold him back. (I hope I explained properly.)

  • Guy 2. As soon as I read that guy 1 was a cheater (even though it was over the phone), I immediately chose guy 2.